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Using John Goodman's speech in the movie The Gambler (2014)1 and several scientific articles in the area of Personal Finance Management 2,3, we developed a calculator that tries to apply the concept of Financial Independence Retire Early3 in a more European context.

The concept of the movement is very simple - there is financial independence when the passive income (e.g. Capital Income) in a given period of time is sufficient to support the expenses of the same period. In this scenario, the wealth will never decrease since the Net Result will always be positive - whether the individual chooses to invest his time working or in another activity that does not yield financial returns.

How to use the calculator ?

By filling in less than 9 variables, a model will simulate income, expenses and wealth up to the European average life expectancy (approx. 80-9 years) 8.

We encourage the adjustment of variables to perceive the impact on the progression of values over the years, serving to understand how our family budget decisions affect the future. In the footer of this page you can find a set of links that served as a reference for the construction of this model, as well as decide some values by default.

For a better experience, we recommend the use of a desktop.

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FI 🤑

FI: Financial Independence


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